Water Buffalo That Was Injured Is So Healthy Now After Being Saved

A water buffalo was injured and was feeling very bad. Also, she was looking for help and was waiting patiently for someone to come and see her. Five men saw buffalo on the ground and decided to help her immediately. She was sent to the vet where they treated her […]

He Failed As A Cow Dog, But When He Spots A Disabled Calf, He Rushes To Save Her

Every dog deserves to grow up in the comfort of his or her own home, with all of his or her physical and emotional requirements met. However, some furries are born with a defined goal, and their job becomes a critical component in completing critical duties. Police dogs, therapy and […]

This Little Pig Is So Talented, His Famous Painting Was Sold For Over 20,000 Euros

A one-month-old piglet was rescued by Joane Lefson. Soon, she realized that piglet is so talented.   Actually the little pig is known now as Pigcasso. Piglet enjoys painting and has become now the world’s first pig artist. “Wild and Free”, this is piglet’s most sold painting. The painting was […]

A Lion And The Man Who Saved Him Have Had An Odd Friendship For 11 Years

Friendship is an affectionate bond formed between people who are prepared to stick together out of love and respect. As a result, it’s probable that you’ve heard the phrase “who finds a friend, finds a treasure.” Friends, without a doubt, come into our lives to bring us joy and to […]

Sick Cat With Rotten Teeth And Diabetes Knocks On Woman’s Window Asking For Help

This cat has had such a difficult life. He knocked on a woman’s window asking for help. Woman immediately contacted Marie Simard, the founder of Un Chat à la Fois, a kitten rescue in Quebec, Canada. And told her about cat’s situation. “It broke my heart to see him, so […]

Chonky Cat Went Viral In Internet For Hating Working Out

A fat cat named Cinderblock recently went viral for her lack of enthusiasm for working out. On October 19, Northshore Veterinary Hospital in Bellingham, Washington shared a video of an extremely cute but morbidly overweight cat using one paw to move on a treadmill, which is a part of her […]

Puppy Is Greeted Warmly By The Other Dogs In The Shelter

Osito, a little and lovely dog, found himself utterly alone when his former family decided that they no longer wanted him with them, allegedly for devouring an animal from their farm; nevertheless, Little Bear would not be lonely for long. Felicia Quispe Arana, who operates the Colitas Sin Techo rescue […]